Fourth year of the project is planned to take place in June 2018. Besides sports activities such as experiential learning, emotional intelligence, orienteering, leadership and team work, problem solving, negotiation skills, camping, running, high track, exploration diving, swimming, biking, hiking, sailing, martial arts for self defense; girls are trained in artistic activities such as dance, painting, drama, making objects from recycled items. Furthermore, life coaches present three modules, “Communication is art”, “Who am I”, and “Tree of Future” during the program.

First participants of Girls without Barriers summer that took place in Dreams Academy in Kaş were institutions under Ministry of Family and Social Policies. The activity report of the first camp in 2015, which gathered girls from orphanages in Tokat, Kırıkkale, Eskişehir, Konya, Sakarya and Adıyaman is available here. Girls without Barriers gathered participants from Child Support Centers in nine cities in 2016 and eight cities in 2017.

Accommodation in tents is provided in the magnificent nature of Dreams Academy Kaş Facilities, formerly Çukurbağ Elementary School, assigned by Kaş Governorate and renovated into a village academy. Camping provides a unique opportunity for all young girls and volunteers to experience this educational program fully in nature. Food, shower and other needs are provided free of charge inside the facilities.