Influential and successful young women participate this project as role models for young girls during trainings. Foremost expectation from volunteers is to take support participants by taking up the role of an elder sister and provide guidance in terms of mentoring and leadership.

Social Impact of the Project from Volunteers’ Perspective

While, 93{8dac0d7f1d6862291babb47ac13958d617546bcbfc3a8f583827531784a87be1} of volunteers think the camp increases participants’ self-confidence, 95{8dac0d7f1d6862291babb47ac13958d617546bcbfc3a8f583827531784a87be1} state that they observe increased openness to change. In terms self-confidence, volunteers state that diving, swimming and hiking are the most effective activities.

Evaluation of volunteers’ experiences indicates that camps act as transformers for not only young girls but also for volunteers. Volunteers report that they feel strengthened while they assist young girls in their empowerment process.

You can read our volunteer management procedures, content of volunteer training, demographic information on volunteers, and social affects of the program on participants and volunteers, and representative letters from volunteers.